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Hello and Welcome!


We are Meccha Matcha, a small family owned matcha cafe located throughout the US. It's pretty simple how we came about. We are passionate/obsessed with matcha and we wanted to share our love for matcha with the community.


Our Story

Level 0: The Before

Back when matcha wasn't as popular as it is today, we were having trouble finding matcha products that uses pure quality matcha without additives, fillers, or a ton of sugar. It was also hard to find places that offered matcha, and not just green tea. Instead of just waiting around, we decided, hey! why don't we do it ourselves? And that is exactly what we did.


Level 1: The Beginning

We first opened in Plano, Texas in 2018 and quickly saw how others alike were looking for the same thing. We also knew that because matcha is so niche, not a lot will understand what true matcha is, let alone, know its existence. We were inspired by an ice cream shop in Japan that offered 7 levels of matcha ice cream. We believed it was the perfect way to cater to those who are new to matcha and to those who loves matcha. The goal was to create a space for all and to educate what matcha is. Therefore, we developed our 3 levels of matcha intensities. 

Level 2: How its going

We have grown as a company. We have lots of fans. We improved. Since we have opened, we continue with the same principal. Fresh quality Ingredients.  

Level 3: What our future will look like


If you have been with us since the beginning or just recently discovered Meccha Matcha, thank you and we hope that your experience with us has been enjoyable! We take pride in everything we do and will always try to provide the best for our customers. We want to show America how matcha should really taste like and that it can easily be incorporated into your daily lives.

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